Meet Our Team
Kymberlee Haberman Photo
Kymberlee Haberman
Spin/Cycling, Group Exercise
Birthday | 05/19
Favorite Move(s)
Single Leg RDL
Favorite Team(s)
USA Olympics
Favorite Sport(s)
"Positive Attitude; Positive Results"

Kymberlee is an ACE certified Group Ex instructor and has been leading classes for the past 16 years. But prior to that, she earned her certificate from the Aerobics & Fitness Association and led aerobics classes back in the early 1990’s! Kymberlee has been a competitive athlete most of her life, swimming in high school and at West Chester University. She then moved on to competing in Tae Kwan Do in her 20’s. In her late 30’s and early 40’s, Kymberlee continued her endurance athletic pursuits participating in marathons, triathlons and long bike tours. She has picked up ‘nuggets of wisdom” from her coaches along the way and learned many lessons in perseverance. She is thrilled to bring these experiences to the Remede team and is devoted to cultivating the family atmosphere that Remede is known for. Kymberlee’s life motto is “Positive attitude: Positive Results” and is committed to ensuring that everyone leaves her classes feeling strong and accomplished.

Kymberlee's pride and joy are her two children, Dino and Sophia. They accompany her to classes whenever they are available. Be sure to say HI when they are together :)